Choosing the right listing agent to help you sell your house is one of the most difficult tasks to do in the entire selling process. However, the help of a listing agent cannot be ignored, especially in determining the price and marketing the property. It is important, therefore, that you choose the right agent who will do his best to give you a strong position in the market and make an initiative to promote your best interest.  

When choosing an agent, look for someone who can recommend a better price based on different factors. A good listing agent will not always agree with your asking price assessment. He will discuss to you the right price for luxury real estate Hillsborough CA – which is not too high nor too low- based on complete data he gathered including comparable prices, pending sales, active sales, and market trends.  

He will suggest a price range where he thinks the price of the property falls. The final say about the price still lies in you. As long as you choose a price within the range that the agent has given, it will be okay. Remember that the agent is also thinking about his sales commission. If he doesn’t agree with you in putting the highest price tag for your home, it means he is thinking of how to sell your house effectively, not on how high his commission will be. 

There are cases when an agent will settle for a lesser commission. These include: 

  • When you are selling than buying a new home, with both transactions being given to the same agent;
  • When you are helping him do his responsibilities including marketing, advertising, and pay for expenses related to sales;
  • You promise to give the agent referrals;
  • You are selling more than one home; and
  • When an agent accepts pro bono job (very rare).

What are the things that you listing agent can do for you? At the minimum, a listing agent is expected to promote your property on different marketing platforms. He will aid you in price negotiation to make sure you are going to receive the profit that you deserve. Once you accept the offer, he will help you with all the closing procedures and do everything in between. 

You will be in constant communication with an agent for three months or more. It is important that you find an agent who knows his job very well, with the right education, trustworthy, takes marketing initiatives, great negotiation skills, and promotes an open communication.